Glean Stone Polish Gloss Wax (Copy)

  • FOOD SAFE: Leaves your surfaces food safe once the product has fully cured
  • NATURAL WAX: Contains Carnauba wax and beeswax, helping to achieve a non-greasy finish.
  • SUITABLE FOR: All natural and man-made stone surfaces, including marble, quartz, granite, ceramic, slate & concrete
  • REVITALISE & PROTECT: Brings back the shine & lustre to your stone surfaces, leaving a subtly smooth gloss finish. With a good concentration of Carnauba wax, the product protects your worktops, stone furniture & decorations from stains and spills, giving them a solid uniform patina
  • REFRESHING: This product has been formulated to leave a subtle ‘Black Pomegranate’ fragrance to your surfaces
  • HOW TO USE: Using a lint free cloth, apply a thin coat of wax to a small area at a time, until the entire surface has been covered | Leave the wax time to set into a haze on the surface | Using a clean, dry, lint free cloth, buff off the excess wax and allow to set overnight, avoiding unnecessary handling